Ali Utku Ayvalı

19 Mart 2020

Hobi Sayfasında Model Arabalar Bölümü Açıldı!

Uzun zamandır yeni modellerle büyüttüğüm model araba koleksiyonumu paylaşma vakti geldi. Herkese iyi seyirler :)
9 Ocak 2020

Lesson Plan

I included all of my materials in that lesson plan and my main aim was to create an atmosphere where students see different aspects of science fiction and think on these aspects by talking to each other. I always supported technology in class and this is why I think that lesson plan turned out to be a highly motivational one.
5 Ocak 2020


This is a game where players should categorize events based on their situation. There are different scenarios like "flying cars" and "mind reading" but the question is; are they real or fiction? If players can differentiate reality from fiction, they get more points. Different boosts and bonuses can be bought by giving correct answers.
5 Ocak 2020


This is a podcast where two people talk about science fiction in general. One side asks questions like "highest-grossing sci-fi movies" and the other side tries to answer them. It's a good opportunity to learn about science fiction. Especially for people who learn best by listening.
5 Ocak 2020


Everyone can create a list of best things in the world but doing it with the help of a virtual character is another level. Yes, first sentence is the complete definition of that material. There is an animated character who is a girl and she introduces 5 different science fiction books in order. Hope you enjoy it.
5 Ocak 2020


I know, such design skillz, right? Thanks. This infographic is created with Piktochart and mainly focuses on the best sci-fi movies of all time. I highly recommend reading movie descriptions. Infographics make learning easier and increases motivation. As we can see in this example, it is possible to fit a lot of information in one page.
30 Kasım 2019

2019 Steam Ödüllerinde Kendi Adaylarım

Her yıl olduğu gibi bu yıl da Steam ödüllerini seçtik ve puanlarımızı kazandık. Emin olamadığım adaylar olsa da güzel bir liste çıktı.
22 Eylül 2019

Alpha 1.1 İle Mobilde Yaşanan Problemler Giderildi

30 Ağustos 2019

Minecraft “Laboratory”